Posted by Shop Yayer

We’re falling for SLK.

An electro fuelled soul-stress hailing from London, SLK (pronounced silk) is an emerging artist on the cusp of taking the alt-music scene by storm. Bringing smooth soul vocals with a synth beat and some deep bass, SLK is just what we need as the soundtrack when working on our photo shoots.

SLK’s style is an awesome mix of 90s, urban, diva, hip hop and grunge all bundled together. Inspired by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Roslin Murphy circa 1990s. All people who rock their own particular style with a don’t care kind of attitude. 

After being picked up by MTV, Noisy and Radio One, we excited to see where this year takes SLK. But in the meantime, check out her deep smooth sounds below.